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We’d like to welcome you to Power of Attorneys, where we provide a highly informative and entertaining look into America’s lawsuit crazed legal community.

If you like to laugh at lawyers, you’ve come to the right place.

Our website offers a wide assortment of constantly updated information, providing power packed articles and commentary designed to make you think – mixed in with a heaping helping of funny lawyer jokes, lawyer quotes and lawyer cartoons that will make you laugh yourself silly (unless, of course, you’re a lawyer).

At Power of Attorneys, entertaining information is always the name of the game and there is nothing is more entertaining than poking fun at lawyers! Besides, we certainly didn’t invent lawyer humor. Lawyer jokes have been around a lot longer than any of us have been alive.

And, believe it or not, with over one million lawyers in the U. S. alone, there are actually more lawyers than lawyer jokes anyway.

Our Stupid Lawsuits and Funny Stuff segment is exactly what it sounds like – a collection of some of the dumbest, craziest, off the wall lawsuits imaginable.

At the Power of Attorneys you there are several rib tickling topics:

Our Lawyers and Lawsuits section brings you an assortment of notes and anecdotes from the world of law including:

  • Class Action Classics – The title says it all. Why not take a few moments, click on the links below and check out some of bizarre goings on in the world of class action litigation.
  • America’s Ambulance Chasers – Want to know what those sneaky personal injury hacks are up to? Then click here and find out for yourself.

Unlike many web sites who back tort reform, we are NOT associated with any special interest group or groups nor are we a front for any special interest group or groups. We do what we do because we believe it’s important. Our primary purpose is to educate, enlighten and entertain our readers as we pitch our case for tort reform in America. And we do it with some humor.

I don’t know about you, but most of us don’t have a clue what in the heck lawyers are saying when they’re running their mouths. Few can argue that attorneys seem to have their own language, or at least so it seems. The words they use, which few of us understand or even fewer can pronounce, provide attorneys another source of money making power over the rest of us.

We at Power of Attorneys have decided to turn the tables and have put together our own version of legal mumbo jumbo. Why don’t you check out our lawyer-unfriendly version in the Online Legal Dictionary? These definitions may not match the attorney’s version (OK, they won’t match at all – but so what?), but we think they’re a heck of a lot more accurate. We invite you to look them over and tell us what you think.

And hey, you lawyers out there (we know you visit this site!), please read what we stand for and won’t stand for before sending in your pompous, self-aggrandizing, holier-than-thou hate mail. Try to tell us where we’ve gone wrong. Give it your best shot; we can always use a good laugh at a lawyer’s expense.

Our message is really pretty simple, even for the hordes of lame brain, self-centered yahoos masquerading around as lawyers these days.

We believe that America’s legal system, as it currently operates, both invites and rewards lawsuit abuse.

Our legal system has become a lawsuit factory, churning out millions upon millions of unnecessary lawsuits year after year. This ongoing abuse by seedy lawyers and their equally seedy clientele nationwide undermines the integrity of America’s legal system while clogging the courts with frivolous lawsuits.

These lawsuits, which are in many instances nothing short of legalized extortion, choke America’s court dockets and force meritorious cases to be shoved to the back burner.

Why should someone who has a legitimate claim be forced to wait in line for his or her day in court behind hundreds if not thousands of ridiculous lawsuits? Easy answer – he or she shouldn’t. Abuses of the legal system that allow this kind of injustice to occur are not only wrong, they are immoral – and we want to do something about it.

We fervently believe that honor, integrity and respectability desperately need to be restored to America’s judicial system – and restored immediately.

Whenever people abuse the system, whether it be lawyers or their clients, we all pay and we all lose.

We believe lawsuit abuse is a serious topic that affects every man, woman and child living in America and as such, we treat the subject matter quite seriously.

However, we have chosen to get our message out in an entertaining, thought provoking manner. We have found that our web visitors are more likely to read and act upon the information when it is offered up with an interesting twist.

We believe that lawyers and their clientele that bring forth frivolous litigation should be made to pay – and pay big.

That’s precisely why we have proposed the doctrine of loser lawyer pays. Not loser pays, but LOSER LAWYER PAYS. Simply put, that means the lawyer that filed the stupid lawsuit should have to pay the court costs and legal expenses of the other party when that stupid lawsuit gets thrown out of court .

Doesn’t this just make sense (except, of course, to the lawyers)? After all, every lawyer ultimately determines every single case he or she chooses to work on and which lawsuits he or she chooses to file. If it’s a lousy case, then they don’t have to take it. If they do and the court deems the lawsuit frivolous in nature, then make that lawyer pay the legal costs of the person or company they sued.

We need to STOP making the lawyer’s client cough up the dough for stinking up the court with his or her stupid lawsuit and START making the loser lawyer who took the case and filed the lawsuit pay the freight.

Starting to see the picture? Regardless of how idiotic the person who wants to sue someone is and no matter how asinine the case may be, the case doesn’t get filed unless a lawyer gets involved (with the lone exception of pro se cases where an individual represents himself or herself in court).

By treating the stupid pro se litigant the same way you would handle the stupid lawsuit filing lawyer; that is, making both pay for filing their stupid lawsuits, frivolous litigation in America would quickly grind to a screeching halt. The moment we started making the miscreant lawyers and trouble making pro se plaintiffs reach into their own pockets to pay for their wacko lawsuits, we would begin seeing a legal system cleaning itself up from the inside out; virtually devoid of stupid lawsuits once and for all.

And finally, we believe that the vast majority of any settlement or judgment awarded in any case should go to the victims themselves and not the lawyers.

There are way too many cases where the lawyers routinely pocket thirty, forty and even fifty percent or more of a settlement or judgment. This is wrong, unethical and immoral; no matter what any lawyer says to the contrary.

Tell us what you think. We always love to hear from our guests, especially you lawyers out there who get hot under the collar when anyone dares to call you out. It’s always entertaining to read emails from lawyers telling me why they’re so overly important, why they deserve to be paid a king’s ransom for filing a few papers or showing up in court and how suing everyone in sight has made our society so much better. Hey lawyers, here’s your big chance to toss in your two cents. So go ahead and take your best shot.

OK, back to our website’s menu. Our Class Action Lawsuit Update section keeps you abreast of the major class action lawsuits being filed throughout the country. This eye opening section alone will give you a clearer insight on the unseemly power attorneys wield in every day America. Knowledge is power – and you’ll get the real scoop here, not some watered down version from a super rich trial attorney’s point of view.

If you want to know what the ambulance chasing attorneys are up to and how their power directly and indirectly affects your life, you might want to check out our Personal Injury Lawsuits and Legal Information section. Let’s face the facts, you can be sued for virtually anything by anyone at any time. Anyone possessing that kind of limitless power (especially attorneys), the kind of power that can take you and your life savings to the cleaners, should scare the heck out of all of us. Here again, knowledge is power. What you don’t know can indeed hurt you when attorneys are lurking at every corner in America.

The About Us section will provide you information on Power of Attorneys and why we believe our message about power and attorneys is so vitally important to the future well being of our country.

In our Attorneys and the Unwritten Law section, you’ll discover the power of unwritten laws that govern the disgraceful behavior of sleazy attorneys everywhere.

Last but certainly not least, our STOP LAWSUIT ABUSE section is a must read for every American looking to help alleviate lawsuit abuse in America and throttle in the reckless power of dishonorable attorneys before it’s too late.

Well there you have it. We certainly hope you enjoy your visit with us at Power of Attorneys and come back often to review the new information, articles, commentary and lawyer jokes we add daily.

Here’s wishing you a lawyer free day!

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