Stupid Lawsuits

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Sometimes the truth hurts, especially when you’re talking about lawyers and lawsuits. Lawyers and their crazy clientele continuously file one ridiculous lawsuit after another every day of the year.

And some of these lawsuits are so goofy and off the wall that you just have to laugh. You really can’t help yourself.

So whenever you think you’ve had a really bad day and things couldn’t possibly get any worse, just click on any of the links below and start reading these ridiculous tales of woe.

Before you know it, you’ll probably start feeling a little better about yourself and your lot in life — thankful that you’re not in these folks’ shoes.

So just sit back, relax and get ready to laugh at lawyers. After all, it is America’s favorite pastime.

Here’s wishing you a lawyer free day!

Stupid lawsuits

Click on any of the links below and you’ll be treated to a stupid lawsuit.

Another McLawsuit
A federal judge has refused to dismiss a lawsuit against McDonald’s, filed by a New Haven, Connecticut man who claims he was not hired because he is overweight.

Bad hair day becomes a pay day
Most of us have suffered through a bad hair day at one time or another. You know what I’m talking about here, don’t you? It’s one of those days when your ‘do – doesn’t.

Better watch where you step
It looks like a court in Leonia, New Jersey has stepped right in a big pile of … doggie poop. At the very least, it must decide a case regarding Rover and good old #2.

Bird Brained Lawsuit
A judge has pooh-poohed a man’s attempt to hold his bird-friendly neighbors responsible for excessive droppings in his yard.

Chowder a bit too chewy
Four women have sued an Irvine restaurant after one of them claims she found a condom in her clam chowder when dining there last year.

Fourth time is definitely not the charm
And who says love is blind? Probably not Joseph Bisignano from West Des Moines. At least not anymore.

Gambler runs out of luck
Los Angeles attorney and gambler Ernest Joseph Franceschi Jr. has sued MGM MIRAGE, accusing casino officials of ejecting him about a year ago after he won thousands of dollars at the company’s New York-New York casino playing blackjack.

Got any spare change?
Looks like the city of Chicago has about half a million dollars less after it agreed to a tentative settlement of a class-action lawsuit filed on behalf of people arrested or ticketed over the past four years for panhandling. Say what?

Just The Way The Cookie Crumbles
How in the world did snicker doodle cookies become the focal point of a California lawsuit? It all started when a Carson, California councilwoman was sued by her opponent for alleged electioneering after delivering cookies to nearly every poll worker in the Los Angeles suburb of Carson on election day last March.

Just Winging It
Hooters Restaurants has made millions touting waitresses in skimpy shorts and T-shirts, but to borrow from the company’s own slogan, it apparently doesn’t have exclusive rights to the “delightfully tacky, yet unrefined” look.

AT&T Fat Finger Dialing – Let your lawyers do the filing
AT&T Corp. has filed a lawsuit contending that Sprint Corp. and two other rival telephone companies are stealing calls from AT&T toll-free operators through what is termed a “fat-finger dialing” scheme. Where do they come up with this stuff?

Mets Finally Win Something
After stumbling through the 2003 baseball season with a record of 66 wins and 95 loses, the New York Mets started the new year off on a winning note.

One foot in the grave
Dorothy VerValen had a sinking feeling when she stepped on her grandfather’s grave at the Sultan Cemetery to scrape moss from the headstone. Literally.

Stupid lawsuit over look alike vehicles
This has to be one for the books! First, I recall the 1946 Studebaker and all of Bob Hope’s jokes about not being able to tell which way it was headed. But at the very least, when I was a kid, when I was a teen, and then when I was an adult and even entering middle-age (from which I refuse to emerge) we could all tell American cars from foreign cars, and we could tell one American car from another. Today I found out that General Motors sued Avanti Motor Company because its Studebaker SUV looked too much like the GM Hummer.

Three Strikes and You’re Out!
Well you’ve got to give them credit. The Chrysler Group is suing three Texas lawyers, accusing them of filing a bogus $2 billion product liability lawsuit against the automaker and then tampering with evidence.

This goose is cooked
A goose on the loose? Looks like that’s the case based on a lawsuit filed by a West Palm Beach woman who claims she broke her tailbone while defending her sickly child from a rampaging goose on the loose in an area park. Darlene Griffin is suing Palm Beach County for letting the animal roam free at a public park.

We’re only here for the beer
Bob Donchez, known as “Bob the Beerman,” was the first licensed vendor at Coors Field in Denver. He trademarked his character in 1993. But it looks like Bob is going to have to cry in his own beer after a federal judge in Denver ruled that his “Beerman” name isn’t protected.

What a web we weave
A Georgia inmate is suing the prison where she is serving a sentence for burglary and aggravated assault because she says the facility is infested with spiders.

Words will never hurt me
Looks like it’s fine and dandy to refer to someone as a skank on the radio, as a San Francisco appellate court has tossed out a woman’s suit against local rock station Alice 97.3 FM.

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