Stop Lawsuit Abuse

Outrageous awards. Sky high legal fees.
Millions upon millions of frivolous lawsuits clogging America’s court dockets.

These are sure fire signs of a legal system that’s spinning completely out of control. With virtually anyone and everyone in America having become a litigation magnet, we are quickly becoming a country of the lawyers, by the lawyers and for the lawyers.

While there still are a number of good lawyers out there professionally plying their trade and upholding the letter of the law, there are way too many opportunistic lawyers using the legal system for their own greedy and self serving benefit.

Isn’t it about time to reign in the insanity and Stop Lawsuit Abuse in America?

In today’s sue or be sued society, it sometimes seems that litigation, lawyers and lawsuits have replaced baseball as America’s favorite past time. Personal responsibility, once a cornerstone principle that propelled America to prominence as the greatest country of all time, has been methodically replaced by runaway civil litigation.

Americans are paying more for everything they buy thanks to lawyers.
Junk lawsuits exact a heavy financial toll from each and every American, efficiently siphoning wealth from hard working American families and redistributing the assets into the overflowing coffers of the super rich trial lawyers.

Every loaf of bread we buy, every gallon of gas we pump and even the clothes on our backs come burdened with an additional cost thanks to lawyers. In today’s cutthroat, lawsuit crazed culture, lawyers routinely sue companies at the drop of a hat. These companies then pass the ensuing litigation costs right on down the line to their customers. Who ultimately ends up paying the piper? You and me, that’s who!

We all pay – and we all lose. Except for the lawyers, who keep getting richer and richer at our expense. Find out more information about this on websites build by web design Naples.

And these filthy rich trial lawyers are getting a whole lot richer at your expense.

Hordes of irresponsible lawyers, along with their culpably negligent plaintiffs, sling thousands upon thousands of lawsuits at every imaginable moving target each and every day, hoping something will stick or that someone will toss them a bone to just go away. These unscrupulous attempts to extort money are wrecking havoc on a legal system ill-equipped to handle the crushing onslaught of litigation careening out of control.

Left unchecked, the plundering trial lawyers will continue using and abusing America’s legal system in their fiendish quest to systematically turn each of us against the other until they have it all – if they don’t already.

You may be asking yourself, ‘What exactly is lawsuit abuse?’
Lawsuit abuse, at its very core, is the filing of disingenuous lawsuits for the purpose of extracting money from somebody else – rather than to compensate someone for legitimate claims. Short and sweet, we’re talking legalized extortion.

Meritorious cases, those legitimate claims filed by people who deserve to collect for their injuries, can often take countless years to wind their way through the muddled, chaotic and busting at the seams court system.

These deserving folks are put on the back burner and forced to wait their turn in line behind innumerable frivolous lawsuits that are choking virtually every court docket across the country. These junk lawsuits, which are nothing more than lightly veiled blackmail attempts to squeeze money from an assortment of defendants, are the root of lawsuit abuse.

These irresponsible and reckless lawsuits are wrong, unethical and immoral – and so are the lawyers who repeatedly bring these kind of suits to America’s courts. The greedy, gluttonous lawyers who make a living off frivolous litigation need to be drummed out and banished from our legal system once and for all.

Is there anything we can do to make a difference?

You bet there is! We need you to get involved. You can pitch in and do your part by helping organizations who are committed to curbing lawsuit abuse in America. On our links page, we have listed a number of local, state and national organizations who are working to get this lawsuit abuse message out to the general public and help curb runaway frivolous civil litigation. I’m certain that they would greatly appreciate any support you can provide them.

Learning as much as you can about rampant lawsuit abuse will also help you get the message out. We invite you to learn more about lawsuit abuse in America by clicking on Class Action Lawsuits Updates and Personal Injury Lawsuits and Legal Information.

We could use your help too.

Anytime you run across an example of lawsuit abuse and want to make it known world wide, then simply click on send us leads and e-mail the article, story or information as directed. We’ll work to get your story posted on our web-site.

We are committed to helping stomp out lawsuit abuse in America. Working together, we can make a real difference.

Here’s wishing you a lawyer free day!

Greg Hickman, Editor