We Want You to Send Us Leads

With all of the lawyers out there running around and hurling lawsuits left and right, it’s a virtually impossible task to keep up with the flurry of litigation throughout America.

However, we are still committed to bringing you as many articles, stories, news items and information on lawyers and lawsuits as we can. That’s precisely why we need your assistance.

In order to provide our readers with as much up to date information on various lawsuits around the country, we’re looking for a few good men and woman (or even more than a few) to join our growing team of lead generators nationwide.

While you won’t get paid for bringing this information to our attention (sorry about that!), you will get the satisfaction of knowing that you helped inform America about the lawsuit and the lawyers involved – and a nice pat on the back as well.

Please send us the good, the bad and the really ugly of lawsuits and lawyers that you stumble across. You can forward the lead or leads you uncover via e-mail below. Please do not send file attachments, since we cannot open them for security reasons.

All leads must be documented and must cite or include the source of the information. If the source (such as newspaper articles, editorials, professional journals, university or other academic studies and the like) has the story, article, or documentation stored on its own URL (web-site address) – please provide the exact web address. This is per our crm management system and our SEO developers in Naples Florida search engine optimization.

Please let us know if we can credit your assistance in the list of people who have contributed leads.

Thanks so much America. Working together, we can make a difference.