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The largest and fastest growing segment of the legal profession is in the area of personal injury lawsuits. The filing of personal Injury lawsuits in America is increasing at an exponential rate. These Personal Injury Lawsuits and Legal Information pages have been put together for visitors of

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This Personal Injury Lawsuits and Legal Information section is intended to keep you current and up to date with the ever expanding field of personal injury law. This is by no means a small task.

In 21st Century America, personal injury lawyers abound and not surprisingly, so do personal injury lawsuits. This double dose of double trouble is quickly converting a once proud nation into a pathetic band of money grubbing, point the finger and blame everyone else ‘victims.” Personal responsibility left the building the moment personal injury lawyers took over the show and America is none the better for it.

If you listen to the personal injury lawyers, they would have you believe that every man, woman and child in America can now be considered a victim at one time or another. I don’t agree with this nonsensical line of thinking, but many Americans seem to be more than willing to toss their pride aside and become a victim in order to score some sort of legal shakedown from someone else.
Personal injury lawyers make money hand over fist by shamelessly promoting this ‘I’m a victim’ mentality. If someone is at fault, which someone always is in the personal injury lawyer’s book, then the lawyers feel compelled to make that miscreant pay and pay through the nose.

But when it’s all said and done (and when you’re talking lawyers, more is always said than done), who’s ends up paying the freight? Who forks over the dough to pay for all of this suing going on nationwide? It’s you and me, that’s who.

Say what you want about personal injury lawyers and call them what you will, they didn’t fall off the turnip truck this morning. They know full well that it does them absolutely no good whatsoever to sue someone who has no money. After all, getting paid is the name of the lawyer’s game. That shouldn’t come as some big surprise, should it?

Personal injury lawyers look to sue people, companies and corporations who have the deep pockets to pay the tab. The deeper, the better. You should know the drill by now. Sue someone who has a lot of money, bring the heavy heat and wait for the other party to pony up a settlement offer. In a nutshell, it’s a game of legalized extortion.
Personal injury lawyers don’t want to go to trial, they just want the other party to settle, pocket the dough and get busy suing the pants off someone else.

The defendant who throws the other side a bone, sometimes a big, juicy one, then turns around and passes the costs on down the line to its customers. It’s important to remember that litigation costs are always have been and always will be passed down to the lowest rung on the ladder, which not coincidentally always ends being the American consumer.
If a big company settles a lawsuit, it passes the costs on down to the consumer. If an insurance company settles a lawsuit, the costs are passed on down to its customers. So on and so forth.

Increased costs on virtually everything we purchase – groceries, clothing, automobiles, insurance, in fact just about everything we buy – can be directly attributed in part to the costs associated with runaway civil litigation in America. Lawyers sue, lawyers get paid and we get caught holding the bag – and an empty bag at that. Come on America, Wake Up and Smell the Lawyers at work.

Unless you’ve been in a coma for the past decade or so, you’ve no doubt noticed that seedy personal injury lawyers and their equally seedy personal injury advertisements are in our face and all over the place. Personal injury attorneys and personal injury advertisements have proliferated to the point that it is literally impossible to ignore them any longer.
Everywhere you turn – TV and radio spots, full page newspaper ads, cheesy billboards and full color yellow page directories – the same old personal injury mantra is repeated over and over until we all know it by heart.

‘Have you been injured?’ these ambulance chasers ask us over and over again. Come on, if you’ve been injured, don’t you already know it? Do you really need a personal injury lawyer to point this out to you? Of course not, but this contrived come on is making thousands upon thousands of lawyers millions and billions of dollars nationwide.

Then once these personal injury vultures have convinced us that maybe, just maybe we have indeed been injured at one time or another, they seal the deal by boldly proclaiming, ‘You may be due compensation!’ That’s right – you!

Wow! Free money! Now that’s a quite deal, Lucille! All we need to do is call the personal injury lawyer’s ‘injury hot-line’ to get the money train rolling.

Now if an enterprising lawyer can somehow convince a judge, any judge will do, to grant class action status to a personal injury lawsuit (such as a manufacturing defect in a product or harmful diet drug that has allegedly affected a number of people), that case becomes a class action lawsuit, where the payoffs to the lawyers can reach stratospheric levels.
In Chapter 12 of Wake Up and Smell the Lawyers, we talk about how personal injury lawyers have converted America’s honored court houses into out houses.

Personal injury solicitation has now become the name of the game as far as the personal injury attorneys are concerned. To hear the personal injury attorneys tell their side of the story, each and every one of us are due compensation from somebody for something or another. If you think, even for a fleeting moment that it’s not as bad as I make it sound, then simply grab a local telephone book and look under ‘attorneys’ in the yellow pages.

I want you to look for the personal injury lawyer ads in the yellow page directory. Trust me, they won’t be hard to find. These are the ads that have ‘Personal Injury’ in big, bold print. In the body of these sleazy, tacky ads you’re sure to find quite a laundry list of personal injuries you or someone you know may have suffered, including auto and truck accidents, workman’s comp/job injuries, boating accidents, nursing home neglect, medical malpractice, hospital/physician negligence and the like.

Then there are the original personal injury lawsuits, the ones who got the whole mess started in the first place. You know the ones I’m talking about here, the hard to detect back and neck injuries, and the hard to defend slip and fall injuries. These questionable injuries have paid off handsomely to thousands of personal injury lawyers over the years.

Last but certainly not least, the really big money in the personal injury lawsuit field can be found in the dangerous or recalled products and the injuries from prescription medicine areas of law.

This Personal Injury Lawsuits and Legal Information section is your one stop source to keep up to date and current on information in the personal injury field. Here you can find out what kind of personal injury lawsuits being brought forward by personal injury lawyers nationwide and review our take on each segment of the personal injury field. We hope you enjoy your visit and look forward to seeing you regularly.

Auto and truck accident personal injuries.
Back and neck personal injuries.
Boating accident personal injuries.
Dangerous or recalled products – personal injuries.
Hospital/physician negligence – personal injuries.
Injuries from prescription medicine personal injuries.
Medical malpractice personal injuries.
Nursing home neglect personal injuries.
Slip and fall personal injuries.
Wrongful death personal injuries.
Workman’s comp/job personal injuries.
Miscellaneous – personal injuries.

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