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This judge is no ‘pushover’

A Kentucky judge, who spent a seven year stint in the U. S. Marines, wasn’t about to be a pushover in his courtroom.

District Judge Dan Ballou ordered two teenagers, who had been caught speeeding, to do push-ups before he would approve lenient sentences in their cases. The judge didn’t set a specific number of push-ups, leaving that up to each boy. One estimated he did 40 to 50.

Ballou felt the exercise requirement was needed, feeling that the traffic school  sentence recommended by prosecutors wasn’t sufficient punishment in light of fact that  the teens had been clocked at driving more than 20 miles per hour over the posted speed limit.

Judge Ballou also required the lead footed speedsters to write a five page essay about what they learned in traffic school.

Ballou could have suspended the boys’ licenses.

“They just needed to have their eyes opened a little bit,” said Ballou, who took office on Jan. 6. “Really, I just wanted to make them squirm a little bit.”

Source: AP, 01-16-2003.