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Why America Needs to Stop Lawsuit Abuse

At Power-of-Attorneys, we fervently believe that honor, integrity and respectability desperately need to be restored to America’s judicial system – and restored immediately. Currently, we have a legal system that invites and rewards abuse by lawyers and their clients alike.
Frivolous lawsuits are being filed in record numbers and shows no signs of letting up. These lawsuits, which are in many instances nothing short of legalized extortion, clog the court dockets and force meritorious cases to be shoved to the back burner.

Why should someone who has a legitimate claim be forced to wait in line for his or her day in court behind hundreds if not thousands of ridiculous lawsuits? He or she shouldn’t. Abuses of the legal system that allow this kind of injustice to occur are not only wrong, they are immoral – and we want to do something about it.

It’s one thing to protect someone’s rights, it’s quite another to make a complete mockery of America’s legal system. Unscrupulous lawyers have meticulously manipulated a litigation crazed mentality among our citizenry and America is certainly not the better for it.
We now look to sue first and ask questions later. Personal responsibility, once the cornerstone building block of our great nation, is gradually being eroded and replaced by a sue unto others before they sue unto you mindset.

We are acutely aware of the costs and consequences associated with abuses of America’s legal system and are committed to raising the public’s awareness of these abuses. Rampant lawsuit abuse costs each of us dearly. Even if you’ve never been sued, don’t think for a moment that you haven’t padded the pockets of many a lawyer – because you have.

The cost of just about everything in America – goods and services, health care, education, public services and the like – all come with a lawsuit cost attached. It has been estimated that American businesses, consumers and governments spend upwards of $80 billion annually on litigation and liability insurance premiums. These costs are ultimately passed on down to you and me – the American consumer. We all pay – and we all lose.

And even if you have never been sued, your ‘turn’ may be just around the corner.

The only people currently profiting handsomely from our legal system’s state of disrepair are, you guessed it, the lawyers themselves. While there will always be some bad apples in the legal profession, the public’s respect for lawyers and the rule of law will not improve until the legal profession starts doing a much better job of policing itself.
The public must demand that the legal profession begin reprimanding, suspending and even disbarring those bad apples before the entire bushel is spoiled. Like it or not, the legal profession isn’t about to clean up their act without a lot of pressure coming from outside. That’s where you and I come in.

We strongly believe in the right of American people to use our legal system when legitimate claims cannot be settled elsewhere, but also believe that this right should never be abused or taken lightly. We also believe that the rule of law should be respected and followed by everyone living in our great country, especially those so called officers of the court – the lawyers.

While the legal system in America may be broken, we firmly believe that it can be fixed. When we begin the process of restoring fairness, balance and common sense to America’s legal system and start penalizing the corrupt lawyers and their classless clients who look to abuse and exploit the system for their own greedy gain, we’ll be well on our way to a better America. Together, we can make a difference.

Here’s wishing you a lawyer free day.

Greg Hickman